Big Pharma vs. Natural Alternatives: The Agenda to Eradicate Competition ~ Ryan Cristián


Big Pharma vs. Natural Alternatives: 

The Agenda to Eradicate Competition

By Ryan Cristián

Guest writer for Wake Up World

May 22nd, 2018

Everyone has the simple desire to find happiness within themselves — to find a state of well-being that can be carried throughout their lives. Sara is no different. Sara is a teacher who struggles with mental conditions for which she has been prescribed a bevy of medications. Over the years she has struggled, as most in her situation have, with addiction and the unbearable side-effects of her FDA-approved “safe” medications. Her absolute passion in this life is for the children whom she molds and develops with an unrivaled dedication. As she began to grapple further with the unexpected effects and growing addiction to her medications, she began to see it affecting her ability to be present in her responsibilities, while also stealing her creativity that she so greatly treasured. So when she discovered kratom, which successfully replaced not one but all of her medications, with zero side-effects, she thanked God for providing this miracle and natural alternative.
In a time when much of what Americans thought they knew about themselves and their health has begun to prove unfounded, the ever-present natural...

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