A pergunta que sempre quis responder


A pergunta que sempre quis responder

O Conselho Arcturiano da 9ª Dimensão

Canalizado por Daniel Scranton

Tradução a 14 de março de 2023

the question you've always wanted to answer - the 9d arcturian council - channeled by daniel scranton - channeler of aliens
Saudações. Nós somos o Conselho Arcturiano. Temos o prazer de nos ligar a todos vós.
We are relating to all of you from the higher level of consciousness that we hold, and we do so from a place of love, as we seek to give you more love and light from this higher plane of existence. We seek to understand better the ways that you are capable of opening up to receive the love that is all around you, and also of course, inside of you. We know that love is the answer, and we know that many of you understand this to be true as well. 
And you can look at the purpose of your lives as being how to apply that truth into thought, word and action. In other words, how can you be love in physical form? That is the question. That is the question you all wanted to answer through experiences, and so you create all of these experiences, some consciously, some unconsciously, to give you these opportunities to...

Tags: amor, conhecer-se a si mesmo, conscientemente, conselho arcturiano, daniel scranton, experincias, inconscientemente, lugar de amor, luz, nvel superior de consciencia, proposito de vida, responder, respondeu

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