The Beginning of the Next Phase


The Beginning of the Next Phase

Message from SANANDA

Through James McConnell

October 20, 2020


I am Sananda. I come at this time, in this opportune time, these times that are approaching now.
You have heard of announcements.
You have heard of many changes that are coming, many positive changes.
But before the positive changes, the seemingly positive changes, come, there must first be those things that bring the awakening forward, that bring the knowing of the third-dimensional frequencies as you have become aware of.
See that coming down.
See the establishment coming down.
See the various laws, and rules, and all of that coming down.
See that happening.
Because that is what’s happening now.
Even though it does not appear to be so, it is. Everything is coming together exactly as it needs to, and you are in that cusp right now with the Great Awakening that is occurring across the planet.
And again, not only across the planet, but the solar system and the galaxy.
All is coming together. And all is happening in the moment now.
Even now, as we are together...

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