Eleições nos EUA: Assistindo ‘Roma Queimar’ novamente…


Eleições nos EUA:

Assistindo ‘Roma Queimar’ novamente…

Fonte:  Watching Rome Burn.uk 

[Assistindo ROMA Queimar]

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De repente, a antecipada surpresa de outubro da campanha de Trump apareceu na mesa: as alegações de que o candidato à presidência do partido Democrata Joseph Biden foi beneficiário de um esquema internacional de tráfico de influência com seu filho, Hunter Biden como o nome do homem da ponta do iceberg. Por enquanto, isso virou dramaticamente a mesa das eleições presidenciais de 2020. 


Final de jogo pós-eleição de Trump. 

Ou… pode um criminoso [Joe Biden] tomar posse?


Este movimento de xadrez da semana pré-eleitoral é um óbvio e cuidadosamente planejado trabalho de sucesso de campanha de Trump, mas míope, pois a maioria dos ‘especialistas’ prevê que essas alegações chegam tarde demais para influenciar o resultado do dia da eleição. Essa visão é duvidosa e perde o que poderia ser um xeque-mate de três lances contra Joe Biden, mas … apenas depois que os votos estiverem contados.

Em 3 de novembro, a corrida pelo POTUS [President OThe United States] está longe de terminar. Os membros...


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Report lays out how the family of J Biden has been compromised by the Communist Chinese


Bombshell report lays out how the family of Joe Biden has been compromised by the Communist Chinese

by: JD Heyes

October 25, 2020


One of the worst things about the 2020 election cycle was the COVID-19 pandemic, and not just for the illnesses, deaths, and economic deprivation it caused.

The pandemic gave an always-opportunistic Democratic Party a way to steal an election on behalf of one of the most corrupt swamp creatures ever to inhabit Washington, D.C.: Joe Biden.

How? By pushing early mail-in voting. As of this writing, some 50 million Americans, perhaps two-thirds of the total number of people who regularly vote in elections, have already cast ballots. At least half to two-thirds of those ballots are likely for Biden — cast before Americans learned what a scoundrel he is, and how he may be dangerously compromised.

In recent days, Americans were introduced to bombshell allegations of monumental corruption involving the former vice president’s son, Hunter Biden, that were discovered on a laptop he abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware. And almost every day since, additional information involving emails, photos, videos and even eyewitness whistleblowers has been released.

And as if all of that...


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Time Shift Blog – Controlled Chaos Strategy ~ LISA RENEE


Time Shift Blog. 

Controlled Chaos Strategy.


September 18, 2019. 




Today too many good-hearted people in the world give their corrupted leaders and policy makers the benefit of the doubt, citing incompetence or pathological compassion when attempting to explain away the rapidly increasing destruction and decay of their western culture in major cities undergoing the agenda for Controlled Chaos. The systematic and methodical destruction of natural resources and civilized cultural settings, destroying or hiding beautiful masterpieces of art and literature, and the intended decimation of artifacts and antiquities highlighting previous ages of an enlightened human culture is not an accident. Controlled Chaos is based on subjecting individuals to sophisticated methods of a global Psychological Manipulation designed to reform and suppress the mass consciousness, by Shaping False Narratives that destroy Unity and Empathy within humanity. Divide and rule strategies encourage divisions, conflicts and chaos among the opposing groups to prevent the formation of strong alliances and unification that could challenge the power of the Controller or Ruler. This extends to the negative entities, such as the Luciferian or Satanic groups, that exert further control over their human representatives that have been socially engineered to...

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