Viver com a intenção consciente


Viver com a intenção consciente

Por Kenneth Schmitt

Traduzido a 27  de abril de 2023



When we can resolve our limiting beliefs about ourselves, we can allow ourselves to align vibrationally with our heart-consciousness through our intuition. At this stage, we do not need to plan how to accomplish something for us. We just need to align our imagination and emotions with the vibrations of what we desire. If we are not in alignment vibrationally, we cannot experience it. If we believe that we are poor, we think about being poor, and we feel what it is like. This creates poverty for us. We are resonating with its vibrations, whether we like it or not.
By aligning ourselves with the vibrations of joy, freedom and abundance, we can transform our lives into experiences of these energies. We can imagine experiencing them and knowing that we are being creative. When we give our clear attention to our heart-consciousness, we can know what it feels like and how it affects our feelings and imagination. As we practice feeling the radiance of our heart-consciousness in every situation that we participate in, we gain the ability to know...

Tags: alinhar vibracionalmente, conscincia do corao, crenas limitadoras, experincia, imaginao, inteno consciente, intuio, kenneth schmitt, ns prprios, ser criativo, vibraes, viver

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