Links-Free and Open Source Software for Translators
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Organizations and Projects
The Free Software Foundation: , including the GNU General Public License
Vores Øl- the open source beer:
The Translation Project-South Africa:

Linux Distributions

Red Hat:

Featured Applications
Mozilla Firefox:
GnuCash (accounting):
Scribus (desktop publishing):
GIMP (image manipulation):
Quanta (web development):
OmegaT(FOSS TM tool):
Crossover Office (Windows on Linux):
Heartsome (TM package that supports Linux and OO.o; proprietary):
Sun Open Language Tools (XLIFF system):
ENLASO Okapi Framework:
Transolution (XLIFF system) :

Information resources
Linux Journal:
Dmitri Popov, “Hands on Open Source” (book):
Martin Wunderlich's FOSS links:

Open Source Update (free e-newsletter about open source for translators; FOSS for
translators manual available later in November, 2005):

The Tool Kit (free e-newsletter about translation technology in general):
Linux for Translators:
Thomas Hedden, “Configuring a computer to boot off the CD ROM Drive,”
David A. Wheeler, “Why Open Source Software/Free Software? Look at the Numbers!” transition consulting, manuals, workbooks, etc.


Links of Interest

Run Windows Software on your Linux PC


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