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The Red Pill

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Red Pill

I have been delaying the release of this for as long as possible because this intel is very disturbing.  But people have the right to know the truth. That is the only path towards healing.

So you have a choice. You can take the blue pill, forget about this and go on with your daily life. By clicking on the links you take the red pill. Be aware that what you read here will shatter your world view quite dramatically and you will need some time to digest this. But after you do, you will become a pillar of strength for people in this world because every human being will have to deal with this intel sooner or later at least to an extent. Please understand that I can take no responsibility for those who read this information and their psychological reactions to this. 



Both links are very reliable and very close to the truth.

First you can read about the real background of the Nazi-Jesuit holocaust:

Then you can read about the Illuminazi mind programming, which was the backbone of the Illuminati power until very recently:

The Cabal must be exposed and things like this must never happen again. The coming victory of the Light will make sure that they will not, and healing for many victims of this will finally be available.




Comment by stephen Morley

interesting, have known for years that religion is a pox visited on humanity to "keep them in line" with the threat of eternal damnation.........but clearly the catholics are something else! its common knowledge catholic priests prefer choir boys, which clearly shows their depravity... I personally have a little problem understanding why these "institutions" are still operable given the amount of "EVIL" they have been involved with over the years...

probably the flouride they put in the tap water that's "Dumbing people down"

people need to understand, it's the "Citizens" who could be in charge, not the vatican, cabal, illuminati, royalty, bloodlines, all they need to do is wake up.

sad really.... might be a bit selfish, but than'k the creator, I live in my own world, and am not unduly affected by

my surroundings . probably, sub-consciously its a survival factor. due to my disbelief that humanity can sit back and let  such documented atrocities  transpire, and do nothing... maybe I'm wrong.








 Keeping the Balance

Monday, July 16, 2012

I would like to bring to your attention the following astrological configuration happening tomorrow:


It is a cardinal grand cross involving Pluto, Uranus, Mars and the Moon. It is one of the most tense, violent, explosive and rigid configurations possible, yet holding a potential seed for a big breakthrough. This configuration will be effective to the end of this week. People are tired of waiting for the Positive Military and want to take matters in their own hands. It is a moment when the Archons would like to trick the population into a violent revolution.

Therefore I would suggest everybody to remain calm and peaceful. Violence will not overthrow the Cabal. It is strategically unwise to attack the enemy where he is the strongest. Instead I would propose the people inside the freedom movement to co-create a grassroots master plan. You might want to take a look at this:

And this:

The best immediate strategy would be to expose the Cabal and release lists with names of people and their past crimes to humanity. The surveillance videos and massive evidence that David Wilcock is speaking about would be most welcome at this point. And Assange could also leak something.

I am sure you already know of the latest Drake’s show that was abruptly ended by the Cabal:

People are asking me what to do about it. You are sovereign beings and you will make your own choices. I will report the events as they unfold and will give some background intel when appropriate.

People are also asking the Resistance to intervene now directly in the situation on this planet. The Resistance is aware of the suffering of humanity and cries for help and will respond, but the extent and shape of their operations remain classified for now.




Comment by DogStar Blue

Steve hawaii: "God save the Queen/ She ain't no human-being!" Think of anarchy as sovereignty, not it's lower (tempting) form as mere violence, succinct and gratifying as it would seem ... black anarchists are agents of the cabal.

Steve musician: The "Keys" always worked, the problem is that the cabal changed the pitch around 100 years ago. The standard "A" was increased from 427 cycles per second to 440cps. It's not necessarily discordant compositions, it's cat screeching nails on caulk boards in every key which keeps us on edge as well.

The Grand Cross in tomorrow's chart also shows "America"/ as Gemini(Sun and Moon) with the Sun squaring Saturn(What we've become - structure - a Military Industrial Complex. I note Jupiter squaring Neptune thankfully just missing a second Grand Cross with the charts ascendent. Had the timing been just a hair different we would have America's sad 'tool' role as the cabal's violent oppressor lined up perfectly for a false flag destruction of Iran/Israel, and the resultant chaos which would follow. But this is not so.

This Grand Cross concerns the Moon, not the Sun - so "feelings" in revolution, not physical bombs and bodies. With Chiron and Neptune trine the Moon (hidden necessary healing brought forth through feelings/heart) and Mercury trine Uranus (sudden communication breakthroughs) I see a positive under current to this otherwise very intense chart. We will come to understand the Light, while the cabal will fail at their probable plans through ill-timing and desperation.

I also see this positive energy movement mirrored here between us all in our recent posts. Great emotional work everyone!


Comment by GizgazS

I posted this info Scholars suggest Human DNA shows signs of being an Invasive Extrate...

which may further support Cobra's info of archons controlling the matrix:

Scholars suggest Human DNA shows signs of being an Invasive Extraterrestrial Parasite

by Dr. John Chang

Many scientists have documented that over 95% of Human DNA does not have a known purpose. This DNA has been colloquially referred to as "Junk DNA".


Up to 97% of the human genetic information (DNA) is seemingly needless, repetitive "junk" - only about 3% is known to generate proteins, deserving the name "gene". The rest used to be called "junk DNA", lately renamed as "non-coding introns", sometimes labelled by the mysterious, though not very explicit description that these self-similar strands "regulate gene expression". LINK

However, other researchers have not been content to simply classify this predominant part of DNA as "one of life's mysteries". Scholarly groups at the forefront of investigative researchers are gathering details which suggest that DNA may not substantively exist as a "building block of life". Rather, it appears that the substantive function of DNA is to act as a "parasitic inhibitor" and "regulator" of life on planet Earth.

Dr. John Lash documents, for example, in


Recent work by Russian biologist Piotr Garjajev and some Russian linguistic experts suggests the same thing, and, more specifically, this research may show that junk DNA, rather than being a discard, is “a computer hologram that works with laser-type radiations.” In short, DNA is an extraordinary generator of perceptions, an instrument of virtual reality.

By accepting the link between DNA and emotional and mental activities, we may begin to imagine DNA as a complex program that directs the life process (regulating our metabolism, for instance), but impedes our consciousness from complete manifestation. LINK


Research testimony that includes ancient representations, suggest that DNA was implanted in humanity by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. The fact that over 95% of DNA does not support vital biological living processes suggest that it is conceivable for biological life to exist without any DNA.

Zecharia Sitchin and other researchers link the DNA double helix to regressive alien genetic manipulation and the apparent "sacred geometry" of that artificial intelligence that has been uncovered by archaeologists through artefacts.


Could it be that the function of DNA by regressive alien architects is to act like some kind of Trojan horse in a computer, that enables humans to be remotely controlled from expressing the biotic and spiritual potentials in human development? It may be critical for humans to further seek to critically appreciate the role of DNA as a potentially "regressive building block" of life on our planet Earth.

Humanity seems to desire conditions for social justice, environmental stewardship, peace, toward mutualistic Human Development. However, it also appears that humanity's pursuit of these Human Development targets are being undermined by an on-going struggle against its own spiritual and biological consciousness. Why? Could the double helix DNA matrix, as suggested by diverse scholars, have been substantively designed to undermine human sovereignty, while appearing to be "beneficial", and axiomatic to life? This is a question which might be worthwhile to consider.


Comment by Zen Gardner

Music is amazing. The right combinations of vibrational sounds can open the spirit and unlock moods and emotions and stir thought and action. Discordant sounds close the heart and cause discomfort and annoyance.

This happens on the cosmic level as well. The shift in consciousness that’s taking place coincides with a vibrational change in the Universe. Like electricity or thought, it can only be seen by its effects, which come in the form of new feelings, new realizations and new perspectives which in turn bring about changed behaviors.

The Code Is Being Broken

David Icke recently talked about there being a code that’s being given to us to unlock the false reality we’re currently perceiving around us. When this goes into full effect, the whole matrix will just come down on a massive scale.

That’s a very happy thought. And I feel the same. It happens one person at a time but it’s undoubtedly happening on a huge scale.

You can also think of this code as a harmonic key. Amazing they call them “keys” in music, but that’s what they are. This cosmic change, perhaps best pictured as the sun’s current recharging cycle we’re seeing and the photon field and alignments we’re simultaneously passing through, is a harmonic vibrational combination that’s tuning us into it, and conversely, it into us.

As we resonate with that harmonic key it turns the tumblers and unlocks our doors of perception and understanding, and breaks down those layers of separateness that have been imposed on us that we’ve subconsciously reinforced in the matrix out of pure imposed ignorance.

A huge exponential spiritual awakening on a scale never even imagined!


Comment by Debby Many Nations

Jesuit Extreme Oath of Induction










Layers of Conspiracy

By Cobra,  Sunday, July 15, 2012


At the core of the physical Cabal there is a group of 13 Archons that keep controlling our planet for the last 26,000 years. They are responsible for the fall of Atlantis, for the collapse of peaceful Goddess worshipping neolithic cultures 5000 years ago and  for the destruction of the mystery schools in late antiquity. They are the ones that maintain the quarantine and keep humanity hostage so that the positive ETs could not intervene until now. They are mostly incarnated into key positions inside the Italian black nobility.

Their leader was arrested in Rome on May 5th, removed from this planet and taken to the Galactic Central Sun immediately. He was the one that many members of the Cabal were worshipping in their distorted rituals, so now they are worshipping something that does not exist any longer.

About 2500 years ago they created a special task group and infiltrated it into the Ptolemaic dynasty in Egypt:

This task group was responsible for mind programming and mass control of humanity through organized religions in the last 2500 years. After the death of Cleopatra, their power was transferred from Ptolemaic bloodline towards Julio-Claudean dynasty in Rome, then to Flavians, then to Constantinian dynasty, then to Theodosian dynasty and then to Byzantine Giustiniani family. After the middle ages, members of this group incarnated mostly into positions of power within the Italian black nobility families. The Resistance has taken strong actions against this group in 2010 and it lost a lot of its power then.

Anyway, this group has created the Jesuits and Jesuits are running the show on this planet for the last 500 years as you can read in this fairly accurate, although a little outdated report:

Please note that Hans Kolvenbach is the old black Pope, the new one is Adolfo Nicolas.

This is how the Jesuits run the USA corporation:

Rothschilds are the bankers for the Jesuits in the last two centuries. The most influential are: Jacob de Rothschild, Evelyn de Rothschild, David de Rothschild and lately also Nathaniel Philip de Rothschild.

The Rockefeller / Illuminazi faction is a Jesuit creation of the 20th century with a purpose to hinder and misuse the technological and scientific progress of humanity:

The key players of the Rockefeller / Illuminazi faction are: David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, George Herbert Walker Bush (George Scherf Jr.), Dick Cheney, Jay Rockefeller, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove and Paul Wolfowitz.



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